Dressage Masters Limburg

On 31 March, at the Manege IJzerenman in Weert, the "Dressage Masters Limburg" event was organized by a group of dressage enthusiasts. The goal of the organization was to make it an educational, interactive and fun event.The interactive part received plenty of attention, during the entire program the audience could ask questions via the smartphone. In addition, various questions were also submitted to the public from the organization, the answers to which came immediately, visible to everyone on a large LED screen.

With big names like Sven and Sönke Rothenberger, Piet Raymakers and Tineke Bartels, there were no less than 350 visitors, including many instructors. 

Tineke Bartels kicked off the event. With her knowledge, enthusiasm and humor, she always captivates the audience. Then followed the clinics of none other than Sven Rothenberger. The third trainer of the event was Piet Raijmakers, he told from his own experiences about the combination of top sport and entrepreneurship. The riders who participated were also of a high level. The day started with pony rider Nina Jansen, followed by Chiel van Bedaf, Lotte Meulendijks and Jeanine Nieuwenhuizen. After the break Sönke Rothenberger appeared in the ring, he rode in the clinic of his father. With Grand Prix rider Stephanie Beek-Peters in the arena, Tineke was honored to take care of the last clinic. 

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