Quadrille CPEDI*** International Competition - Belgium

Since now 4 years, I'm the community manager of Quadrille. In 4 years we've been working very hard to give a better visibility to the Para-Equestrian sport on internet. 

4 years ago I started a Facebook page, an instagram account and we renewed the whole website.
Today, we are able to reach more than 400.000 views on Facebook in one single weekend (during our annual competition) which is an amazing accomplishment for our sport! Having 2 videos that went viral with more than 1 million views!

Interested on knowing more? > visit www.quadrille.bz and follow us on www.facebook.com/quadrille.bz 
Full reportage of the event on my facebook page > www.facebook.com/cavalcup (including the best of the price giving ceremony & vet check)